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Black Wheel-bolts (OEM)

for Evora • S • 400 • GT cars

We’ve been staring at bright shiny wheel-bolts since 2014! They don’t look awful but we prefer black wheel-bolts for most colors & wheel designs including the black 10-spoke forged Lotus wheels. It’s been a long search but we finally have something we’re proud to offer.

Silver vs Black Wheel Bolts
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We had two important considerations for black wheel-bolts: Quality & Anti-theft.

Quality: Our wheel-bolts are made by the very same manufacture that supplies wheel-bolts to Lotus and other marques! Like the stock bolts, ours are also Grade 10.9 that have been quenched & tempered for hardening. The manufacture does not have these bolts available in the U.S. so we import them directly from the manufacture in the United Kingdom–and we may actually be the only authorized reseller of these bolts in the States!

Anti-theft: The original bolts have a security internal spline which requires a special Lotus wheel-bolt adapter key to tighten & loosen. Our black wheel-bolts have the exact same internal spline so the Lotus wheel-bolt adapter key you already have is perfectly compatible, and your pricey wheels will stay with your car. We also offer spare original Lotus wheel-bolt adapter keys plus an extended key here. We recommend having two keys: a working key for your tool box and an emergency key that stays in the trunk.

Titanium & Aluminum Hardware?
We’ve seen a lot of titanium & aluminum wheel bolts, studs, & nuts and we've seen failures. Our opinion is that these materials require constant maintenance & inspections, and are not worth loosing a wheel so we do not recommend them for consumers.

Like the factory original bolts, our wheel bolts should not be used with wheel spacers due to the additional length that may be required.

These will ship directly from us in California & continental U.S. delivery is free!

Black OEM Wheel Bolts

Free shipping for continental U.S. destinations;
Email prior to ordering for shipping to International and all other destinations;
• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for detailed purchasing & shipping terms;
• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only;
• Refunds for orders canceled by customer may be subject to a 3% fee (4% for international).

Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Black Wheel Bolts on BC Forged Wheels
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Our extended wheel-bolt adapter key is a great companion
to the black wheel bolts.

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