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BC Forged Wheels

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for Evora • S • 4xx-Series • Evora GT-Series cars

Lotus chose a wheel specification for the Evora that is both extreme and unique to our chassis.  Often, wheel specifications are shared among various cars and even across manufactures so they can be easily used in numerous applications but not with our cars which means Lotus Evora wheels are bespoke.  Another hurdle is the extreme offset specification—for years, we spoke to nearly every reputable wheel manufacture at SEMA and only two manufacturers were able to produce wheels that correctly met the requirements for the Evora.  (The other company produces full carbon-fiber, street-only wheels at +$12k a set; pricey and not track ready.)

HethelSport: The only Authorized Lotus Specialty
BC Forged Dealer in North America

So after searching for two+ years and working with them for over nine months, we are proud to announce our affiliation with BC Forged in offering high quality wheels that properly fit the Lotus Evora.  During this time, our companies have gotten to know each other and have gained a confidence & excitement that allows us to work efficiently and comfortably together.  Here’s a video of Jonathan of BC Forged and I chatting about our partnership:

Styles & Construction: All BC Forged wheels are machined from the highest quality forged 6061-T6 aluminum creating a wheel that is not only strong but racetrack-appropriate, lightweight, and beautiful! With over 50 designs, we hope everyone will find a aesthetic that will suit their style.  One of the designs even mimics the Lotus Elise Sport/Exige design, EH307.

Monoblock Wheels:  These wheels are forged and machined from one solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum.  They are factory finished in a single color throughout, are available in 29 styles, and are economically priced, high-quality wheels. 
-> See the Evora Monoblock collection here.

Modular Wheels:  BC Forged two-piece fastened modular wheels undergo the same quality construction of the Monoblocks but are assembled from separate  center and rim units.  Available in 27 styles, the center and rim can be separately finished in any combination to match or contrast your Lotus.  For most styles, you can choose to have the non-removable fasteners installed on the exposed side or hidden on the inside (example).
-> See the Evora Modular collection here.


HethelSport Spec: 19 x 8" Fronts & 20 x 10” Rears.  Each of the four wheels have about 1/2” more track width (for a total track increase of about 1”) plus each rear wheel is wider.  We have aggressively tested this package at racetracks across California with factory tire sizes, and they are fantastic!  No tire rub, great stability, wicked looks!

14.7 Spec: 18 x 8" Fronts & 19 x 9.5” Rears.  Each front wheel has about 1/3” more track width and each rear wheel adds about 1/2” of track width.  The overall track width (outside-to-outside) is very similar to the larger-diameter HethelSport Spec wheels.

Custom: HethelSport can also provide custom widths for more aggressive tires, slicks, or flared cars.  There is no additional charge for custom offsets and wheel widths up to 11” (with a maximum of 13” wide) plus they still arrive in about five weeks!  Contact us to configure your own fitment and specs!

Race: We have seen 18”/18” wheels offered for Evoras to take advantage of the wide selection of R-compound tires however there are concerns regarding rear wheel to a-arm clearances, and we therefore only recommend this size for track-only cars running short-travel suspensions.  Contact us for pricing.

What is Track Width?  The distance from the left wheel midpoint to the right wheel midpoint is often referred as a the track width, and in most cases, increasing the track width generally adds stability to a car (similar to running wheel spacers but without the maintenance hassle and danger).  But there are actually two common factors that affect track width.  First is the wheel offset and the second is the wheel width.  Our 14.7 Spec wheels increase the track width with properly calculated offsets while our HethelSport Spec wheels utilize a combination of offset and wheel width adjustments. 

Finishes: BC Forged offers 21 Solid and Translucent colors & finishes plus a fully polished wheel lip exclusively for modular wheels.  Pick one finish for Monoblocks and 1 or 2 for Modular wheels.  See samples of finishes here!

NEW: Samples are now available for loan—we charge $50 per sample which is refunded upon return within 10 days.  Email your shipping address & phone number along with your desired finishes (up to 4) and we will send you a Paypal quote with all the details.

Center Cap Options: 

  • Standard engraved “BC Forged” Wheel Caps in a matching finish are included with every set.
  • Smooth Wheel Caps replace the standard caps and are similar but without the BC Forged logo.  They look great as-is or can be used as the base for your custom wheel center decals.
  • The Lotus Center Cap Milling were engineered for HethelSport and accepts the original Lotus Evora center caps.  This special milling process replaces the standard Wheel Caps.
  • Replacement Wheel Caps are also available individually or as a set—please contact us for information.

Each set of wheels include:

  • 4 wheels;
  • 4 center caps (except with Lotus Milling option);
  • 4 pre-installed valve stems.

BC Forged wheels are compatable with:

  • ...stock Evora tires.  As each each tire manufacture has variances in their tire dimensions, please consult with individual specifications rather than the nomimal tire sizes;
  • …factory Tire Pressure Monitor System Sensors.  HethelSport also offers OEM TPMS sensors here.

Financing is also available through Paypal Credit.  For details, please see the link below.  This is fully adminstered by PayPal and they provide support for this directly.

Availability: BC Forged wheels are made-to-order with a typical manufacturing & shipping time of 5 weeks.  (We can also provide fitments for other cars.)

HethelSport Spec Wheels (19"/20")

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for purchasing & shipping terms.
• Shipping for U.S. destinations will be added at checkout; No international sales.
• BC Forged Wheels will be shipped directly from the fabricators.
• All wheels warranties are administered directly by BC Forged North America.
14.7 Spec Wheels (18"/19")

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for purchasing & shipping terms.
• Shipping for U.S. destinations will be added at checkout; No international sales.
• BC Forged Wheels will be shipped directly from the fabricators.
• All wheels warranties are administered directly by BC Forged North America.
Center Cap Options

• These options may be added to any BC Forged Wheel order but are not required.
• If these options are not selected, 4 “BC Forged” wheel caps will be provided.
• Replacement center caps are also available individually or as a set--please call.

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