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Tailgate Lift Struts (HD & GT4 )

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for Evora • S • 400 • GT cars

Is your tailgate saggin’?
Is it hard to unlatch?
Is there a bump on your head?

You probably need to replace your tailgate lift struts.  When new, Lotus struts work well however, like most struts, they will typically lose around 3% of their strength per year. It’s a slow deterioration so you may not even notice but the first sign is a tailgate that is difficult to unlatch.

Our replacement struts are much better than the Lotus sourced lifts, and we have two models:

  • HD Struts are a bit sturdier than the factory lifts and are better built.
  • GT4 Struts are much more sturdy and are spec’d to match our more aggressive rear wings.

Installation is a breeze.  It just takes a narrow blade standard screwdriver.  It’s also handy to have someone hold up the tailgate as you remove and replace each one.

These will ship directly from us in California & continental U.S. delivery is free!

Tailgate Lift Struts, Pair

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