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Racing Scales

190926-01 AccuSet II  webcover

Racing scales are the instruments used by professional and amateur race teams, autocrossers, and serious high-performance drivers to achieve the perfect weight balance at all four corners of a car, commonly known as corner balancing. These adjustments are very small increments in the ride height, and the measuring tool are racing scales. You can read more about corner balancing in our F.A.Q. article here.  

Longacre has been the standard for racing scales for 40 years and has probably been used in every form of sanctioned racing in the world. Walk around the paddock of any hot race track and you will see Longacre scales used on go-karts to Indycars.

Longacre Computerscales can be used with our Bilstein/Öhlins shocks, Öhlins TTX, or any other quality damper with height adjustments.

We are highlighting two Longacre Computerscales here but can get any of their scales and products. Please email or call for more info.

Computerscales AccuSet II is Longacre’s simplest system and is appropriate for most individuals. The set includes a traditional LCD readout with a protective case and 4 scales. HethelSport also includes a protective case for the four scales which is not commonly included—we’ve seen people store and move scales in cardboard boxes which really is not appropriate for an expensive, high quality piece of equipment. For more infomation, please see Longacre’s Accuset II webpage.

Computerscales Hybrid DX2 is the step up version with a modern high resolution screen. It also includes the four scales and a protective case for the display, plus we include the protective case for the scales too. For more infomation, please see Longacre’s Hybrid DX2 webpage.

Longacre has two nice how-to articles on using their scales:

For other Longacre racing scales, please email us.

This item will ship directly from Longacre via an authorized Longacre dealer.

Longacre Racing Scales

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