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Road Course Rear Toe-links v.2

for Evora • S • 400 • GT cars

UPDATE: Living with the version.1 links on our car, we found room for improvement… so we worked with the manufacture and are now proud to say, our suggestions have been implemented in the new version.2 toe-links. Available here at HethelSport first! The changes are detailed below.

Toe-links connect the rear wheel hubs to the chassis and they are the key component in adjusting toe-in during a rear wheel alignment.  This adjustable link has an integrated turnbuckle that changes the overall length which causes the rear wheel to angle in (or out!) in an infinitely adjustable increment. These links serve three critical purposes: 1) Adjustment,  2) Stability, &  3) Protection.

  1. Toe adjustments–whether front or rear–should be a precise adjustment.  The slightest change can have a dramatic effect on straight line stability, turning response, and tire wear.  Our toe-links are adjusted by rotating the center portion which in turn expands or contracts the overall link length, pivoting the leading point of the tires inward (toe-in) or outward (toe-out);
  2. Once the alignment is set, we don’t want the toe changing on the track due to the load forces of a moving car or soft, flexible link bushings.  Our toe-links are made with custom bearings built to the manufacture's own high specifications and are assembled using aerospace grade Teflon liners resulting in a very precise fitment with minimal slop or play;
  3. In an unfortunate incident involving the rear wheels such as hitting a curb or going off-track, a toe-link may be a sacrificial element allowing the suspension system to absorb impact energy.  With this energy absorption, more expensive critical parts might be saved.   Design expertise dictates both the strength and deformation point of the toe-links to increase performance while potentially sacrificing itself in the rare unfortunate situations.

The version.2 links improve the ease-of-use. Consistent with traditional designs, the version.1 links utilized the center rod as the ‘turnbuckle’ for adjustments. While this was functional, alignments were a bit tricky because the locking nut for the inner bearing (chassis side) was difficult to tighten due to it's bracket’s limited access—See this picture.  It is even more problematic at the race track paddock were adjustments need to be quick & easy. We documented this hurdle to the manufacturer and they provided a great solution: By shortening the center rod and installing a dedicated ’turnbuckle’ that is easily accessible and quickly lockable.  The main center rod is still threaded (and should be used to achieve the rough length at installation) but installation and alignment changes are now easier in the garage and in the pits. We are proud to have initiated the v.2 design with the manufacture.

The center rods are precision machined from 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy. They include high-precision, fine pitched threads (unlike the stock course threads) allowing precise toe changes. The new v.2 small ‘turnbuckles’ are made from A4-80 which is the strongest stainless steel available for this application and should remain corrosion free. Locknuts are also A4-80 stainless steel for long-life and nitrile boots protects the bearings. The finish is hard anodized on the rods and fittings. The complete unit is both stiffer and lighter than the OEM links and the v.1 links provide about 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of unsprung weight savings. (We’ll weigh the v.2s shortly.)

The rod-end bearings are made with high tensile, plated steel bodies and fitted with aerospace Teflon liners. Our toe-link supplier has been using similar spec’d bearings on Lotus chassis since 2011 with over 5000 units shipped and they have never seen one fail.

Installation is a straight-forward remove-&-replace procedure however this is a critical component and as with all critical systems, we recommend the work to be performed & maintained by a certified mechanic familiar with Lotus suspensions. The installation of this part will also require a rear wheel alignment (although best-practices recommend doing both the front & rear at the same time).

These toe-links have been successfully used on street & track driven Evoras all over Europe but due to the litigious nature of the U.S., the manufacture has asked that we state these are for use on racing circuits only.

Functionally and beautifully built to match our Front Track-rods. Purchase both and we’ll refund half the total associated shipping costs (please email to remind us of your refund).

As the only U.S authorized dealer, we import these directly from the manufacture in England and in-stock links will be shipped directly from us in California.

Evora Road Course Rear Toe Link Kit v.2

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