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Visiting Win Ace AGAIN!

Perhaps an annual tradition has begun--HethelSport visited Mr. C.K. Lim, operator of Win Ace in Malaysia, for the second time in two years.  Throughout the past year, Mr. Lim and I have worked closely to stengthen the U.S. presence, improve existing products, and bring new Win Ace products to market—it’s been a fantasitc year and we expressed our joy over our collaboration.  But unlike our visit in 2016 when I was first exposed to all the wonderful cars, stunning modifications, and works in progress, this visit was more about getting to know each other and talking about the future of our businesses & the industry, as well as our families, our lives, and ourselves.

HethelSport 170615-23 Win Ace web

I won’t be reporting on our personal interests but I will share a glimpse into the future.  Win Ace has been investing heavily in techniques and processes.  C.K. and his fabricators have have spent considerable effort and resources to grow into a modern fabrication and production facility that will benefit nearly all of his products and more importantly, allow the production of pieces previously too difficult or expensive to fabricate.  New equipment is coming in, more training, and new materials to gain expertise.  This translates into an exciting growth year, and we can't wait to introduce the new products.

HethelSport has also made a commitment to the Win Ace line for the S111 chassis.  While the Evora remains our primary focus, we will leverage our import logistics with Win Ace’s Elise & Exige line of aerodynamics and we’re excited to see S2 Cup R kits and S2 Aerokits come into the States on a routine basis.

We also discovered that Win Ace continues to be the premier Lotus repair station in their own country.  Last year, a handful of Lotus customer cars were in the queue for repairs, and this year, it seems like the line was even longer.  Even as we walked around, a heavily damaged Krypton Green Exige came in on a flatbed.  As ‘the’ local repair station for both mechanical and body repairs, Win Ace strengthens our confidence in their know-how to build products consistent with the Lotus approach of assembly and design.

HethelSport 170615-08 Win Ace webcover

C.K.’s personal car has gone through a colorful transformation.  Pictured last year in all-black, the new orange & black color scheme is a far departure for the wicked turbocharged and supercharged Exige.

Last year, we introduced Win Ace as a fabricator that was somewhat elusive in the United States and most of the world.  Snapshots of their products in vsrious states of build floated around but no one actually knew who Win Ace was.  Our introduction of C.K. Lim, Win Ace, and their development cars had a striking impact to solidify their presence as not only a fabricator but as a genuine Lotus enthusiast.  As I write this years recap, I can visualize the reader thinking this visit was less meaningful… but in reality, this visit was more significant… it was less about surprises and more about deepening a professional and personal freindship with a man that I respect and admire deeply.

I can’t wait for our next visit.  But until then, Win Ace and HethelSport will have lots of announcements and new products.

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HethelSport is a Lotus Evora Specialty online retailer and is the U.S. Distributor for Win Ace Bodykits.
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