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Suspension Products

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We’ve been sharing some pictures and vague updates on Facebook about our suspension tuning.  We have recruited one of the country's finest suspensions shops and we are working on three upgrade paths, 1) a street focused upgrade with improved track-focused benefits, 2) a streetable but track-focused package for those wishing to properly tune and push their cars beyond the factory limits, and 3) something in the middle.  The three packages are quite different from each other  and will not be sequential steps or staged kits.  With further testing, we will determine if one, two, or all three packages will be offered.  It’s a slow process and we have confirmed that the Evora is a fantastic car in stock tune.  Very small changes have very dramatic effects—and not always for the better… which leads to a lot of testing by many drivers with varied styles and aggression levels.

Fun stuff.

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