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Public Safety


Luckily, we are healthy & open for business... however beginning March 23, we will be limiting our USPS & UPS drop-offs to twice weekly, minimize our social exposure. If you have an urgent need, please let us know and I’m sure we can accommodate with a special trip.

Most non-essential businesses are closed but we are a small, family owned business with no external employees. Our shelter-in-place exposure at home is the same as our shop so we’re comfortable with the decision to remain available.

Both the USPS and UPS are maintaining operations so we do not expect a service  disruption… but if they do have a delay, please be kind and patient with them.

Additionally, we are not accepting visitors or pickup appointments until the California shelter-in-place has lifted.

We hope you and your family are well, and with your your home-stay, maybe you can enjoy some garage time with your car.

Stay Healthy.  –Sherman

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Monday, March 23: Reduced Shipping

We are reducing our shipping frequency to minimize our social exposure. Please read our message here.

Sunday, March 22: Open & Shipping
We are healthy & open for business however we are not accepting visitors or pickup appointments until the shelter-in-place has lifted for California.

Thursday, March 19: Shipping Delays
Orders will ship on Saturday or Monday. See our Public Health update for more info. Stay Healthy.

Wednesday, March 18: Shipping Delays
We are curently healthy but away taking care of family. Orders will ship on Saturday or Monday.

Our part of California is on a Shelter-In-Place mandate which means all non-essential business are closed.  Since we are a family business, we will continue to answer emails and phones while we pack and ship however we are not accepting visitors or offering merchandise for pickup. For now, the post office and UPS service are still operational so shipments can still be made. Stay Healthy.

Tuesday, March 17: Open & Shipping
We are curently healthy & open for business. If conditions change, we will try to post updates here. Thanks & Stay Healthy.

Monday, March 16: Open & Shipping
We are healthy and open for business. Things are changing rapidly and we may be out for a few days to take care of our family but we'll try to keep you updated when that happens. Stay healthy.

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