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New Products!  Bigger Inventory.  Cheaper Shipping.

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New Aero Products!!!  Our 400 Rear Bumper is finally done and available for reservations!  It’s a perfect match to our 400 Front Bumper and 400 Rear Wing.  And for those looking for the very latest in appearance updates, our new 410 Engine Cover-Tailgate is one of the most elegant & graceful updates available for any Evora!

Inventory...  Our goal has always been to have most of the aero products in-stock but we quickly found demand outpaced us.  As the year ends, we are finally fulfilling all our backlog and we are starting to have items in-stock.  We are grateful to all our customers for giving us a good-problem-to-have and thank Win Ace for reallocating resources to keep up with our orders.  We will continue to place special orders for custom and out-of-stock items but soon, we expect to have most products in-stock and ready for immediately boxing and shipping.

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Shipping… With a greater shipping volume, we have strengthen our relationship with freight companies and our delivery rates have gone done.  One of our new large bumper containers can be boxed and shipped to most continental US business destinations for around $385.  We’ve also simplified our containers which has reduced boxing time—this was a major hurdle for us as the first bumper crates took about three hours to build.

Brake Pads!  We are now a dealer for Pagid Brake Pads—website updates coming soon.  Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when.

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