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Lotus: Back from the Brink

160624 Jean-Marc Gales

The cars from the company we love is, for the first time, profitable.  While this would not be shocking news for any other manufacture, this is special for Lotus because it is the first time this claim can be made.  Aside from the future availability of parts, technical support, and future R&D progress, this is incredibly important—even more so than most marques, Lotus is about tradition and  a cultural car-building philosophy.  Without profits, the company is in constant jeopardy—jeopardy from the owners demands, from competitors, from hostile takeovers, from itself.

The Eastern Daily Press has produced this informative news clip—we hope you enjoy it and the message.

For the complete Eastern Daily Press article, see "Remarkable turnaround sees car-maker Lotus profitable for the first time in its history

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