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British Pound vs. US Dollar

210130 GBP vs USD3

GBP vs USD from Oct. 2020 to Jan. 2021

England's economy is going through a transitional period as they navigate their leave from the European Union. This has created two immediate issues with our ability to import genuine Lotus parts and other specialty items from our U.K. distributors.

Shipping: Most carriers are experiencing delays—some are handling it better than others but the core reason appears to be confusion with customs clearance procedures in the US. We’re confident (or at least hopeful) that this is a temporary obstacle and shipping confidence & transit times will return to normal soon.

Pricing: HethelSport is certainly not qualified to make economic predictions however we can say that the strong GBP may soon lead to a price increase for imported Lotus goods and many other items we source from England.

If you want something that is imported from England, consider getting it now to minimize your exposure to higher prices.

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