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BC Forged Wheels: New Designs and Colors

BC Forged has expanded their line-up with lots of new, exciting options!

The RT-series includes BC Forged’s interpretation of the legendary Rays/Volks Racing wheels but with a fitment for all Evora, Evora S, 400/410, & GT cars! Whether you’re wishing for the traditional 6-spoke or the 5, 7, or 8 spoke look, they are now available in about 5-6 weeks in all BC Forged colors!

HethelSport 230106-510169 JAHO  webcover
RT Series - 220917cropsmaller

New colors! More black-bronze-silver options, new vibrant blues, a fantastic Translucent Brushed Champagne Bronze, plus more variants of the translucent brushed colors.  All available in about 5-6 weeks on any forged monoblock or forged modular wheels at no additional cost.

Finishes Matrix - 230113


And for the first time, BC Forged is now offering clear & colored polish lips exclusively for modular wheels!

Polished Lip Options Horizontal Matrix - 230113

For all the options and details, see our BC Forged product page or visit our expanded picture gallery wheel inspiration!

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