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2019 SEMA Show


The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show—simply known as the SEMA Show is where thousands of automotive industry people gather to share, show, and talk about cars.  It has a well-deserved reputation for being outlandish & wild and 2019 was no exception.  The estabished big names were there as usual but we did notice a decline in the smaller, specialized manufactures.  We also noticed a decline in new trends with most show cars reaching farther with established patterns.  A continued trend we could not escape was the truck segment–while prior trucks were big and flashy, this years trucks grew even bigger and were adorned with even more outragous & massive wheels/tires.  Hyper-cars and super-cars continued their popularity but the enthusiast sports car segment continues it’s disappearance although the new Toyota Supra was seemingly in every manufacture’s booth—it was certainly the car of the show (we did not see one sister Z4 in the entre show).

The only evidence we found of Lotus was at the Sparco booth… a seat and a poster.  :(

We hope you enjoy these pictures.  We’re sure that some of these won't appeal to everyone (some don’t even appeal to us) but they are entertaining, and afterall, we’re all car-folks so we can enjoy the passion if not always the car.

HethelSport is proud to continue our support & membership with SEMA.

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