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2017 SEMA Show

HethelSport 171102-6457 SEMA17 wecover

The second largest convention in Las Vegas happens at the end of October every year... the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show—simply known as the SEMA Show—brings thousands of cars and manufactures to one spot… all to show off their products, their fabrication skills, and their design talents.

HethelSport attends to discover the latest advancements, see the latest trends, to meet old friends, and to find new manufactures.  It’s a crazy week that goes by way too fast yet last way too long, and it’s nearly impossible to see everything yet we always try.

We’ve found some interesting products that we believe may have a place in our Lotus community.  We hope to onboard some new products, and of course, you’ll read about them here and on our Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy our pictures.  Some of these don’t appeal to everyone but we do try to appreciate the craftsmanship, and dedication of these cars and their builders.

(And for those keeping count, we didn’t see one Lotus in the whole show.)

HethelSport is proud to continue our support & membership with SEMA.

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