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2016 SEMA Show

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HethelSport attended the 50th Anniversary of the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.  This is ‘The’ automotive trade show in the world with an attendance of over 100,000 industry people.  This collection of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, car restorers, builders, and racers gathers once a year to show-off their latest parts, services, and cars.  SEMA is also a leading advocate of the aftermarket auto industry in Washington DC, working with law-makers and policy implementers to benefit the auto enthusiast and industry.

Known as one of the wildest shows in Vegas, the collection of cars and people is simply spectacular!  Our mission was to find products that would benefit the Lotus Evora owner.  We spoke to hundreds of people, including many friends that we have known for almost two decades.

SEMA 161031-32

In all the displays and exhibits, we only found one Evora but it was surrounded by a lot of people… a nice confirmation of our wonderful and beautiful cars.

Tires!  We spoke to Pirelli about the limited availability of the OEM P Zero Corsa tries.  As many of you have experienced, the S fitment tires have been on backorder for nearly half a year.  We made a connection and now have an advocate and connection to Pirelli in Milan. We also spoke to a couple other tire manufactures about DOT-R tires for the Evora and Evora S fitments (Hint: don’t hold you breath).

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Emerson Fittipaldi — 1972 F1 World Championship with Lotus, 1974 F1 Champ, and 1989 & 1993 Indy 500 Winner.

One of the biggest aftermarket voids for our cars is a quality selection of wheels.  While HethelSport offers the Italiano Wheels, we would like to expand our selection to more affordable choices for the street and track.  We spoke to nearly twenty wheel manufactures with specifics about fitment and construction.  As many of you know, the Evora uses a bespoke offset and hub bore, and most manufacturers are simply unable to manufacture a set of wheels with the proper dimensions.  We did find a handful of manufactures that do have the tooling and capabilities, and we will be following up with them in the coming weeks.  The shining light came from a friend of eighteen years that just began his new role as the international sales director of a well-known wheel company, and he believes he can help us… we’re looking forward to making it happen.

Fire suppression: We found a new product that we believe will be a huge benefit to all motorist.  It’s a small, powerful fire suppression system that is non-harmful to interiors or corrosive to engine bays.  It is not SFI or FIA certified yet so this will not satisfy racing sanctions but it can be used as a supplemental device where the mandate occurs.

HethelSport is now a proud member of SEMA!

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