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BC Forged Wheels: New Designs and Colors

BC Forged has expanded their line-up with lots of new, exciting options!

The RT-series includes …

WCLM Banner

2022 West Coast Lotus Meet Sponsorship

We’re excited to be an official sponsor of the 2022 West Coast Lotus Meet and the exclusive …

210130 GBP vs USD3

British Pound vs. US Dollar

GBP vs USD from Oct. 2020 to Jan. 2021

England's economy is going through a transitional period …


Public Safety

May 21: As restrictions are easing, we’re safely transitioning our service and our first …


2019 SEMA Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show—simply known as the SEMA Show is where thousands …


How Will the New Trade Tarrifs Affect HethelSport?

The United States has recently imposed significant tariff increases for many goods imported …

HethelSport 171102-6457 SEMA17 wecover

2017 SEMA Show

The second largest convention in Las Vegas happens at the end of October every year... the …

HethelSport 170913 New ExigeV6 Products web

New Win Ace Evora Products!

HethelSport 170615-09 Win Ace web

Visiting Win Ace AGAIN!

Perhaps an annual tradition has begun--HethelSport visited Mr. C.K. Lim, operator of Win Ace …

HethelSport SuspensionWerks 1

Suspension Upgrades

We’re excited about the progress of our upcoming suspension upgrade kits, and we are looking …


2016 ~ 2017

2016 has been a great inaugural year for HethelSport.  We would like to thank all the people …

SEMA 161031-35

2016 SEMA Show

HethelSport attended the 50th Anniversary of the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association …

Shipping 161019-01trimmed2

New Products!  Bigger Inventory.  Cheaper Shipping.

Rear Hatch-410 161023-07b WinAce  web coversmall

New Aero Products!!!  Our 400 Rear Bumper is finally done and available for reservations!  …

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Suspension Products

We’ve been sharing some pictures and vague updates on Facebook about our suspension tuning.  …

160624 Jean-Marc Gales

Lotus: Back from the Brink

The cars from the company we love is, for the first time, profitable.  While this would not …


B is for Build

Interested in seeing how an Evora is put together?  Then you’ll probably enjoy seeing how …

WinAce 160411-06trima

HethelSport Visits Win Ace

In April 2016, HethelSport visited Mr. C.K. Lim, owner of Win Ace Bodykits in Malaysia.  …

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