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What is Corner Balancing?

Corner balancing is the suspension art of tuning a chassis by making incremental ride height changes so that the weight at each tire is balanced and symmetrical.  The goal is to produce a car that handles predictably and symmetrically. These tiny changes in ride height are done by turning a threaded perch that secures the bottom of the suspension coil spring. “Racing scales" (like bathroom scales only more precise and linked together with a common display) read out the weight of each corner and calculates "cross ratios” as the chassis is tuned.

While not critical, corner balancing is considered to be highly beneficial for cars driven at the limit on a race tracks or in controlled environments like an auto-cross. A corner balanced car will be predictable and consistent at the limits of the car.

On some front-engined cars, corner balancing can also be used to achieve a 50/50 weight balance where the front axle and rear axle equally share the weight distribution of the car. This is not acheivable, nor desirable, on mid-engine cars.

Race Scales under each tire and the display module in it’s carry case.

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