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Are all Öhlins the same?

Quite simply, No.

Öhlins are great shocks but they are not all created equal.  Nearly all Öhlins competition products are completely designed & manufactured in Sweden while the majority of their consumer products are designed & manufactured in Japan. Both are great products but all HethelSport Öhlins components come directly from Europe to the premier Öhlins builder in the United States for assembly.

The differences between the Swedish and Asian components are contributable to the final product. The competition components are built to the highest level of performance & reliability while the consumer line is cost conscious with compromises made in areas that less enthusiastic drivers may not miss.

The most important example can be found in the shock pistons. Most Öhlins competition pistons are CNC milled from solid metal stock while nearly all consumer pistons are sintered (a process of forming with low heat and force with a mold). The CNC process gives accuracy that forming could never achieve, and this tight tolerance manufacturing is the key to building a shock that can control motion and oscillation better than any consumer-grade adjustable shock.

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