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GT4 Side Intake Scoops

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for Evora • S • 4xx-Series • Evora GT-Series cars

Based on the Lotus Evora GT4 race car, these Side Intake Scoops are made exclusively for all 2010~2014 U.S. Evora & Evora S cars as well as all 2016+ 400/410/430 cars and fit over the original air intakes.  The Driver’s side scoops channels air into the intake system, creating a ram-air effect while the passenger side scoop provides additional cooling to the engine bay.

Evora 400 Compatible — See below for installation pictures

Evolutionary from the Lotus race cars, our units are longer and taller.  And unlike the originals that are fixed with rivets or exposed screws, ours are a bit more ellegant are are fitted with the pre-installed automotive-grade double-sided tape.  We also include a special 3M product that cleans and promotes the body surface for better tape adhesion—we have found the double-sided tape along with thisadhesion promoter to be the most secure way to install our scoops.  We’ve even had a customer test this combination to 140 MPH.

As an alternative, we can still provide Sugru, a soft, pliable rubber-like material that has a tremendous bonding capability but we do warn that Sugru can be difficult to remove so please use with caution.  The benefits of Sugru is an installed scoop edge that is similar to a ‘silicon caulked edge” however we do believe the double-sided tape with the 3M product to be a better fastener.

Our GT4 Side Scoops fit all Evoras including the new Evora 400.

Carbon overlay versions are clear coated for long-lasting protection; fiberglass versions are provded in Win Ace's exclusive 2K matte-black finish.

For additional information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Crafted by Win Ace and exclusively distributed in the U.S. by HethelSport, these GT4 Side Intake Scoops are sold in matching pairs.

Evora GT4 Side Intake Scoops

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Sugru Moldable Glue

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