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S1 Front Splitter Group Buy

HethelSport 200513-02 WIAC Evora S1 Front Splitter  webcover1k

for Evora • S cars

Our brand new S1 Front Splitters are debuting as a Group-buy!
But don’t wait to long, this group is scheduled to end May 29th.

Made specifically for the 2010-14 Evora and Evora S cars, this fitted & contoured front splitter attaches to the factory front bumper.

Unlike universal “Evora” splitters made from flat sheets of plastic that are shaped as an extension to the bumper, our fiberglass splitters are contoured to fit flush across the entire width at the contoured bottom. There are no gaps or “holidays” for leaves and other debris to get caught in, making this splitter much easier to maintain and much, much nicer to look at.

The splitter also offers protection for the lower bumper. This splitter is well crafted and made--it is not a disposable piece but it is still more economical to replace than repairing and painting a curb-rashed bumper.

Every splitter is individually hand-crafted to match the OEM level of fit & finish. Available in fiberglass with a 2K Matte-black finish or carbon fiber overlay finish. Installation requires rivet-nuts to be installed on your bumper. For additional information on finishes, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

These splitters are available exclusively in the U.S. from HethelSport and in-stock pieces are shipped directly from us in California.

Evora 2010-14 S1 Front Splitter - GROUP BUY

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for purchasing & shipping terms;
• Reservation months are estimates only--there may be delays;
• Shipping charges for most major U.S. cities will be added at checkout; additional shipping charges
may be required for other destinations.

Group-Buy Additional Details
• There is no preset minimum orders required;
• Group-buy prices are approximatly 10% off off normal prices;
• The introductory Group-buy price is schedule to end until May 29th;
• Group-buy may end early or be extended (depending on fabricator's production timing);
• Sorry, no refunds or cancelations.
 HethelSport 200513-01 WIAC Evora S1 Front Splitter _web1k
 HethelSport 200513-02 WIAC Evora S1 Front Splitter _web1k
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