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GTE Front Bumper

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for Evora • S • 4xx-Series • Evora GT-Series cars

Inspired by the limited edition Lotus Widebody Evora GTE, this hand-crafted fiberglass bumper is made exclusively for all 2010~2014 U.S. Evora & Evora S cars as well as all 2016+ 400/410/430 cars. 

The front inverted “L" carbon fiber accents are integrated into the fiberglass bumper while the lower carbon fiber overlay splitter is user replaceable and available as a replacement from HethelSport.  Bumpers include all neccessary grilles which are easily removable (prior to bumper installation) for a clean prep-&-paint.

Multi-stage LED daytime running lights are included.  Lens are UV high-impact resistant.  LED waterproof housings are all aluminim with an integral heatsink design.  A dedicated control module is included and must be used.  Control wiring leads can be tapped into OEM wiring (without the use of additional switches or wiring) or custom wired.

Like the original GTE, our bumpers do not have front side marker lamps but you can drill a simple hole and reuse your originals or purchase new Lotus lamps here.

For additional information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

In-stock bumpers are ready for crating while reservation months are estimates and may be impacted by production and shipping.   Bumpers will be shipped in a HethelSport-built cartoon via freight truck; typical shipping is 7 days after pickup but may vary due to regional access.

The GTE Front Bumper is created & manufacterd by Win Ace, and is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by HethelSport.

Evora GTE Front Bumper w/ carbon overlay accents & splitter

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See below for replacement parts.

Replacement Splitter for Front GTE Bumper
DRL LED for GTE Front Bumper
DRL Control Module for GTE Front Bumper

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