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Bargeboards (Side Skirts)


for Evora • S • 400 • GT cars

Our fiberglass and carbon constructed Side Skirts (a.k.a. Barge Boards by Lotus) are hand-crafted and fit all 2010~2020 Evora, Evora S, 4xx & GT-series cars.

Race cars benefit from Side Skirts by assisting the under-tray to channel air under the car and thereby increasing the downforce generate by diffusers and other ground effects, and the slick bottom Evora benefits from this more than most cars.

Our Side Skirts are available in our 2K matte-black fiberglass finish or glossy “pre-preg” dry carbon fiber construction (lighter and stronger than our previous carbon construction).

As with all composite fiberglass pieces, prep & pre-finish work may be needed prior to final painting. Exposed carbon fiber finishes are clear coated with UV protection however due to the nature of composite production, carbon fiber finishes may have minor imperfections.

For additional information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Side Skirts are sold in matching pairs and are individually handcrafted and exclusively sold in North America by HethelSport.

In-stock Side Skirts will be shipped directly from us in the United States. These are shipped in a custom-built box so please allow 1-week for boxing.

Evora Bargeboards (Side Skirts)

Shipping charges are for continental U.S. destinations only;
For International shipping & all other destinations, please email prior to ordering;

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for detailed purchasing & shipping terms;
• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only;
• Combined orders may qualify for reduced shipping; requests must be made prior to ordering;
• Refunds for orders canceled by customer may be subject to a 3% fee (4% for international).

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