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Archived HethelSport News

Factory Lotus Rockguards are back in-stock.

It took a while and we don’t know when Lotus will send us more so order them while you can!

HethelSport 230209-01 HSSK  websmallAll Craft badges are back in-stock!

We’re excited to be an official sponsor of the 2022 West Coast Lotus Meet and the exclusive sponsor of the event’s Concours at Coronado Tidelands Park!

For lots of event information and fun reasons to go, see WestCoastLotusMeet.com

The West Coast Lotus Meets are always fun, full of great people and a variety of events. And it’s in sunny & happy San Diego! October 20-23.

We’ll be there and hope to see you there too!

Both styles of our Brake Fluid Testers are back in-stock! Easily and quickly check your fluid for moisture before your brake peformance degrades.

Our new GTO Rear Wing is available for pre-order! Designed for our HethelSport 410 Tailgate but can be fitted to the factory louvered tailgate with minimal modifications. An optional smaller endplate is also available.

Our Battery Charger Connection Kits are back in-stock at their 2021 prices.

We have learned that the manufacturer of the magnetic connectors has announced a significant price increase which will impact our future prices.

Ocean freight continues to be a major hurdle for us. Costs have tripled in the past fifteen months but we held our prices with the hopes that the increase was temporary--sadly, it has continued to go up and we need to make adjustments on larger import items.

Back in-stock! Our US made Hub Helper is a simple tool that helps keep your wheels stable when taking them off or putting them on your car.  It’s not a must-have tool but it does make your life quite a bit easier.

HethelSport EVORA GT 200908-01  web2Factory Lotus "Evora GT” decals in Grey/Red, Silver/Red, and All Silver are now in-stock. Both the larger rear decal and the smaller decals flanking the sides are available here.

Our Brake Fluid Testers are back in-stock. Both are easy-to-use devices, compatible with DOT3, DOT4, & DOT5 fluids, fit easily into your tool chest or trackside pitbox, and are economically priced.

HethelSport 200322-01 OilFilterTRD  webSMToyota & TRD Oil filters are back in-stock!  Free shipping with a purchase of $40 or more. Make the job easier with our highly rated Oil Filter Removal Tool too. 

Tfuelincreasesucking & ocean freight costs have been rising steadily, especially in the past few months. We hope prices will return to previous levels but until then, we have fairly adjusted our rates.

Awesome bearings, Precise adjustment, Beautiful metal!

Both our Road Course Front Track-rods and V.2 Rear Toe-links are in-stock again!

You may have noticed that our inventory has been dwindling in the past months. We have placed orders for nearly everything out of stock, and our suppliers & fabricators are doing their best to fulfil our orders however foreign pandemic lockdowns, limited resources, & international shipping have been a constant hurdle.

As a result, we have stopped taking deposits and orders for many backordered items—this mainly affects our aero composite products and Lotus factory parts. If there is something you need and it’s in-stock, we suggest you buy-it-now. We hope to return to our normal practices & inventory soon.

Our next shipment of aero products should arrive in September. Many items have been pre-sold for months however we have most of our front bumpers and front clam accessories still availabile.

Update: The British £ continues to grow stronger which means the price of imported goods are getting higher, with significant increases in February. We will keep our prices intact for as long as possible but expect potential increases in the coming months. Combined with the pandemic restrictions, importing parts still remain slow. But on the brighter side, Brexit related shipping delays & customs clearance appears to have stabilized with DHL & FedEx.

Our HS Bilstein / Öhlins Shocks are done and finally available but supplies are limited.  Utilizing an original Evora shock body, these advanced shocks are a direct replacement and will bring your Evora’s handling to the next level.

Both our Front Track-rods & v.2 Rear Toe-links are back in stock! Give your suspension proper good looks plus the highest quality teflon-lined bearings while making them easier to adjust & tune. Track-addicts will love these as much as your alignment guru.

The cost of Lotus parts may be rising due to the strong British £. We’re also seeing shipping delays during the Brexit transition. We suggest getting your factory Lotus parts now.  For more, please read this.

Finally back in-stock! After numerous delays with international shipping & customs, our popular HethelSport Battery Charger Connection Kits are available again! They’re an easy & safe way to connect your Battery Tender, CTEK, or NOCO charger to your car.

Worth mentioning: our CTEK & NOCO adapter cables are made with geniue perfect-fit NOCO & CTEK plugs—we do not use knock-offs or plugs that are merely similar.

NEW! Made specifically for the 2010-14 Evora and Evora S cars, this fitted & contoured front splitter attaches to the factory front bumper.

New at Hethelsport: Pagid Racing Brake Pads! Free shipping when you order in-stock front & rear sets.

We also have Brake Pad Retaining Pins and Anti-Rattle Spring Plates too. Be prepared with some spares in your garage or trackside pitbox.

We just received a large order of factory Lotus parts including emblems & decalsrockguardscaliper dust capside repeater lamps, oil filter kits, & replacement NACA ducts.

Our U.K. Lotus distributor continues to provide us with special access to factory parts however gaps still exist with Lotus as they and their supplies continue to recover from the shelter-in-place.

All versions of our popular Battery Charger Connection Kits are back in stock! They’re an easy & safe way to connect your Battery Tender, CTEK, or NOCO maintainer / charger to your car. And if you’re using another charger, we can probably build a cable for you too—just ping us.

Worth mentioning: our CTEK & NOCO adapter cables are made with geniue perfect-fit NOCO & CTEK plugs—we do not use knock-offs or plugs that are merely similar.

Good news for NOCO Genius battery charger users: Our Battery Charger Connection Kits are now compatable with your charger! We had some adaptor cables made & tested and they’re working as expected!

Worth mentioning… NOCO & CTEK adapter cables are made with geniue perfect-fit NOCO & CTEK plugs—we do not use knock-offs or plugs that are merely similar.

NEW and in-stock! Factory Cabin Air Filters for the 2016+ Evora 400, 410, 430, & GT.  We also have plenty of 2010-2014 Evora & Evora S filters ready to ship too.

HethelSport attended the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.  Check out our story and pictures here.

Just release: 430 Front Splitter & 430 Rear Wing! Made exclusively for our 430 Front Bumper and 410 Louvered Tailgate.

Decals!  We have some new Factory badging in stock including a slick, wide rear bumper “LOTUS” decal to substitute the emblem.  We also have some 410 Sport decals in two colors!

Some new factory Lotus things & some old factory Lotus things back in stock:

NEW! We now offer 2-way and 3-way Öhlins TTX shocks built by the same shop that supports the Lotus Evora race teams. See Öhlins TTX for more info.

Will the new China trade tarrifs affect HethelSport prices?
Read about it here but in short, no.

They're here! Functional 430 Front Wheel-well Relief Vents for all 2010-2019 Evora, Evora S, & Evora 400 series cars! Available in fiberglass or carbon!

We are kicking off our August-Suspension-Month with a new product, Anti-Roll Bar Bushings!  Stiffen up your sway bars with our Performance or Race kits for all 2010~2017 Evora, Evora S, Evora 400, 410 Sport, GT410, & GT430.

HethelSport is thrilled to be part of the West Coast Lotus Meet for a second time.  Come celebrate with fellow Lotus enthusiasts May 15-19 in Folsom, California (±30 miles Northeast of Sacramento).

We’re also the sponsor for the Saturday Concours on Main Street Folsom!  Tell your friends and come out and join the fun!


What is that smell?  Cabin Air Pollen Filters are back in stock!  Lotus recommends changing them out every 18k miles or 2 years.

Black wheel-bolts are here!  From the same manufacture as the original Lotus bolts, and has the same internal spline plus a bit of weight savings… but in stealthy, all-black to match the rest of the trim!

Update #3.1 for our HethelSport Performance Shocks is here!  In short, we will have two tiers of dampers.  A full description, prices, and ordering will be available in November with shipments starting within a couple weeks afterwards.

Factory Lotus “Evora 410 Sport” Decals now in-stock.  More decals coming soon.

We’ve updated the fitment descriptions of our Exterior Aerokits and Pieces to include the new 400 Series cars.  In short, all of our front and rear bumpers are compatable with all 2010~2014 Evora & Evora S cars as well as all 2016+ 400/410/430 Evoras.  If you have any questions, please email us at Support@HethelSport.com.

Our 430 Front bumperRear Bumper, and ‘A’ Panels are now available individually.  All are in-stock and ready to go out (when shipping reopens at the begining of August).  Front Access Hatches will also be available in Sept/Oct too.

HethelSport is expanding our inventory of in-stock factory LOTUS trim pieces.  If there is something that you want, please let us know—we’re making an extended effort to have more available.  We also have a small box of factory Lotus Wheelbolt Star Keys in-stock.  If you find yourself in need, whether at home, on the road, or at the track, we can ship a key via UPS ground or if urgent, overnight one to you via UPS or FedEx.

Yep—we have ditched the old logo and moved onto something a bit more bespoke to our name.  We hope you like it.

HethelSport's 2017 SEMA Show report and pictorial is finally here!

Our GT4 Side Intake Scoops have been confirmed to fit the new Evora 400.  Reserve yours now!

BACK IN STOCK!  Craft Nose Badges are now ready for immediate shipping!  These are some of the nicest crafted badges available and we have them in yellow/green, black, and naked finishes!

Win Ace has been busy.  And lucky us… we have four new Evora products!

We are at the West Coast Lotus Meet in Solvang, California!  HethelSport is proud to be an event sponsor and we’re looking forward to a great event!

Unfortunately, this also means we’re closed for a short period but we’ll be back in the shop on Tuesday, Sept. 26th.

Feeling slushy?  HethelSport can rebuild or repair your OEM Bilstein shocks.  For more info, see our OEM Bilstein Shock Rebuild page.

HethelSport was founded to serve the Lotus Evora market but our vendors, specifically Win Ace, has some great Elise & Exige products too!  We are now teaming up with GregsRaceParts and they will become our Elise & Exige parts specialist.

For our existing 111 customers, I will continue to serve & fulfill your current orders.

This is an exciting and welcomed time as HethelSport can refocus on the Evora!  Thank you to all our supporters as we grow and continue with our passion!  :) —Sherman

HethelSport returns to Win Ace Bodykits for another visit.

Onpoint Dyno has married an Evora Chassis with a Tesla drivetrain to create one of the baddest Electric Vehicles anywhere.  Nearing 911 Turbo benchmarks, this car recently had it’s first racetrack shakedown and was a big out-of-the-box winner!  HethelSport sponsored Onpoint Dyno with a Rear Bumper and custom 410 Engine Cover/Tailgate… um… Motor Cover/Tailgate.

(Rated PG for a tiny bit of swearing.)

“No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months” is available for Bumpers, Aero, & Accessories totaling $99 or more.  This is a special feature through Paypal credit and is available to Paypal account holders. See the full details by clicking the Paypal Credit at the left or visiting Paypal.com.

Have a request for a product or an idea for something new?  Let us know!  We’ve become pretty good at sourcing items and have a couple partners that can fabricate things for us.

We are proud supporting members of…


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