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Front Undertray Removal

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The front undertray needs to be removed for the installation of some of our products including our front bumpers and Anti-Roll Bar Bushings. It’s a fairly straightforward procedure but there are a couple small things you can do to make it much easier.

The undertray is held to the frame/chassis with a bunch of bolts and screws–ten of those rearward fasteners also have aluminum spacers between the tray and the chassis and it is darn-near impossible to get those spacers to stay in place when you’re reinstalling the undertray. Here are some tips to make it easier:

Keep track of which spacer goes where. As you’re removing the tray, watch the spacers as they roll away on the floor. Of the 10, there are four different sizes so keep track of which goes where. If by some chance they all become a blur, here’s a cheat sheet based on the Lotus Parts Diagram:

HethelSport 190911 Front Undertray Spacers  web

Once you have found all the spacers, use industrial-strength double-sided foam tape to affix them to the undertray. Wiping the surfaces with some alcohol cleaning pads first is also a good idea. Once attached, it will be much easier to thread the bolts into the chassis frame and the next time you take the pan off, you won’t have to chase the spacers down the driveway.

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Good luck!

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