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Pagid Racing Brake Pads


for Evora • Evora S cars

We’ve been using Pagid brake pads for over 20 years and they are our favorite! Whether as a dual-purpose street/track* or in a racing environment, we’ve always felt Pagids give the best combination of usability, performance, and maintenance so when we found the opportunity to carry our favorite brake pads, we had no hesitation in accepting.

For “High Performance Driving Events” (HPDE or track events), we recommend the RSL endurance pads—for those familiar with Pagid’s ‘90s nomenclature, these are updated ‘Yellows’.

The RSL compounds are long lasting pads that are also gentle on rotors, and best of all, are very responsive to modulation. Available as RSL 1 & RSL 29 formulas, we recommend starting with the RSL 29 on all four corners—these provide the best balance with a factory setup and are usable with minimal heat (they will work reasonably well if the brakes are not warmed up). If the rare cases where additional front bite is needed, RSL 1 pads can be fitted to the front calipers once a baseline of four RSL 29s has been established.

Higher aggression compounds are available however these, like all pure competition pads, are finicky. The RS and RST pads need heat before being usable and require much more driver attention and maintenance. We recommend these pads for serious road competition use only and only offer them as a special order item.

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  • RS pads: All Around Racing Brake Pad (Blue)
  • RSL pads: Endurance racing Brake Pads (Yellow)
  • RST pads: Rally Sprint & Stock Car Racing Brake Pads (Red)

In warm California testing, our street & track Evora S IPS has responded very well to the RSL pads. Material build-up on the brake rotors can cause some end-of-braking squeal but we’re able to eliminate this with a few intense (& safe) stops to scrub the build-up off—squeal on the race track at speed is incredibly rare. Through the years, we’ve also noticed that different cars and different drivers have various degrees of susceptibility to noise via material build-up.

Please remember that the Evora brake components are a carefully designed system that has proven to be very well balanced. Selecting pads with the most “10’s” will rarely yield  the best overall performance. For example, the front rotors are 350 mm while the rear rotors are 332 mm; this typical stagger represents a braking balance-of-work distributed between the front and rear axles. While it may seem beneficial to increase the friction level at the front, this may introduce a imbalance without the appropriate adjustment in the rear.

2010-2014 Evora and Evora S cars share the same brake pads and these pads will work equally well on both cars.

Like all race track focused brake pads, these may require heat build up to operate at full efficiency. Please use caution with these pads in any environment especially in colder climates.

Sold in sets per-axle (front or rear) and shipped directly from us in California.

Free shipping when in-stock front & rear sets are ordered together (shipping will be refunded to your Paypal account)

2010-2014 Evora/S Pagid Racing Brake Pads

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