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Have a safe & wonderful Fourh of July weekend 


News Flash: Many of our Aero pieces will now be available in dry “prepreg” carbon fiber construction which is significanty lighter & stronger than our previous carbon overlay process!

This will include wings, front clam accessories, tailgate & roof panels, our upcoming short & long side intake scoops, and more!

Check-out your favorite items to see if dry carbon fiber is available, and if not, let us know so we can add it to the development list.

Genuine05V  web

Back-In-Stock: Genuine Lotus Parts from our U.K. distributor

Ocean freight continues to be a major hurdle for us. Costs have tripled in the past fifteen months but we held our prices with the hopes that the increase was temporary--sadly, it has continued to go up and we need to make adjustments on larger import items.

HethelSport 201111-140 JITH  websmall

Just in and available for shipping now:
Splitter for 430 Front Bumper
 430 'A’ Panels
 430 Rear Wing
 Aero endplates for GTO Wing *NEW*

Front track-rods & Rear v.2 toe-links… finally back in-stock!

Well-built, Good looking, Strong, and Precision adjustments… they way it should have been from the factory.

HethelSport 220420-02 BrakeFluidTesterPen _web1k

Both styles of our Brake Fluid Testers are back in-stock! Easily and quickly check your fluid for moisture before your brake peformance degrades.

HethelSport 220314 Filters  web200

Toyota Oil & Engine Air filters are back in stock! Oil filters include a free oil drain plug gasket too!

Pagid Brake Pads are finally Back-in-Stock!

We have the awesome RSL29’s for all Evoras including the new GT. Pagid’s fitment guide showed an incorrect pad for these Evoras but we figured it out (first!) and have the correct pads ready to ship.

Our new GTO Rear Wing is available for pre-order! Designed for our HethelSport 410 Tailgate but can be fitted to the factory louvered tailgate with minimal modifications. An optional smaller endplate is also available.

Our Battery Charger Connection Kits are back in-stock at their 2021 prices.

We have learned that the manufacturer of the magnetic connectors has announced a significant price increase which will impact our future prices.

HethelSport 210306-28 TailgateLiftStruts  websmall

Our GT Tailgate Struts are back in-stock! Save your head from getting bonked and Get them or our HD Struts here: Tailgate Lift Struts.

Anti-roll bar bushings for all Evoras are back in stock. This is one of the most effective dollar-per-benefit improvements you can make to your Evora’s suspension. Your car will turn flatter & firmer with nearly no compromise in comfort & vibration. We include a free dispenser of our favorite bushing lubricant to eliminate squeaks & noises typical of polyurethane bushings—a clear advantage over the Powerflex standard grease (which is still included). HethelSport is credited for bringing these bushings to the U.S. Evora market from Europe and we’re proud to be authorized dealers.

HethelSport 181019-20 ANBU  webcoverWe recently received a shipment of Aero products however most of the items were pre-sold or had deposits on them. We do have some items remaining so please check our product pages. And if you would like anything in specific—especially front or rear bumpers--we do recommend reserving in-coming items.

Black Wheel Bolts: Shiny bolts are great on ’69 Impala but not on a modern Lotus. Get rid of that tarnished chrome and replace them with these OEM modern black wheel bolts!


BC Forged wheels in GT/GT430 sizes! We’ve custom spec’d these in the past but now we’ve made it easier to order with a dedicated add-to-cart button. And best of all, prices are the same as the original HethelSport Spec 19/20” wheels. As always, you pick the design, color, & options and typically, we have them shipped to you in 5 weeks.

Goodmorning Goodnight Lotus - Lotus Evora Cabin Pollen Filter Change

Replacing your interior air cabin filter is super easy! Follow along with this installation video and see just how easy it really is.

Big Thanks to “Goodmorning Goodnight Lotus”.

Our USA made Oil Filter Removal Tool is back! When you want to replace your oil filter, this is best & most reliable tool to loosen & tighten the oil filter housing without scratching it up.  (We have 3 oil filters too!)

HethelSport 201031-02 Ducktail Panel  web1k

Now you can add the elegant GT430 ducktail without replacing the tailgate! With our ducktail spoiler panel, you keep your clean glass engine cover too.

For all 2010~2014 Evora & Evora S and also a great option for Evora 400 owners looking to replace the factory wing with something different.

HethelSport 190531 PowerFlex Bushings 190609d

Here's our latest video showing the easy install of the Powerflex Anti-Roll Bar Bushings.  We hope you like it!

OEM Extended Wheel-bolt Keys.  From the same company that makes the factory Lotus Wheel-bolts, these longer security keys are easier & safer to use.

We also have the shorter but original Factory Lotus Keys available.

BC Forged Wheels - HethelSport is the only authorized Lotus specialty dealer in North America! See a video of us talking Lotus at SEMA and check-out our wheels!  Quality, custom styles, finishes, and sizes—made to order in about five weeks. 

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