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BC Forged Wheels

170807 BC Forged Compiled

HethelSport is really excited to offer the 2017 BC Forged Monoblock and Modular wheels!

The Lotus Evora uses common wheel sizes and bolt patterns but the wheel offsets are extreme—very few manufactures are able to produce a quality wheel at a reasonable price for our cars.  BC Forged builds monoblock and modular wheels in a wide array of styles, and we are working with them to offer these in the standard sizes as well as a more aggressive size.

Most monoblock wheels will be around $3500 and most modular wheels will be around $4100.  This includes standard finishes as well as custom Gloss, Matte, and Brushed & Crystal Translucent colors!  We are planning to also offer free shipping!

More information will be coming soon.

Availability: All wheels are made-to-order and the typical manufacture time is 5 weeks.

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for conditions and terms.
• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only.
• Prior to shipping, reservations may be canceled for a full refund.

• Shipping charges for Commercial addresses in most major U.S. cities will be added at
checkout; additional shipping charges may be required for other destinations.
• Combined orders may qualify for reduced shipping; please ask prior to ordering.
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