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Craft Front Nose Badges

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We have found some of the nicest Lotus nose badges being made today.  These are a bit more ornate in texture & feel than the modern OEM badges and have an ‘old world’ craftsmen feeling to them.  A nice touch of nostalgia for our modern Evoras.

They are available in the traditional Yellow-&-Green Lotus design, the Jim Clark tribute black-&-polished, and a naked finish suitable as-is or for your artistic indulgence with enamel paints.

All are 2mm of solid metal and ±57.6mm in diameter.  Check out the pictures and you’ll see the wonderful depth of the castings.  Application is with pre-installed 3M adhesive tape.

These will ship directly from us in California.  Delivery to Continental US destinations via USPS Express is free.

Craft Solid Metal Lotus Nose Badge

• Free shipping is for Continental US destinations only.
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• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only.
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International Shipping for Small Parts

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