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Craft Front Nose Badges

HethelSport [BadgeCompile] 170908-01 webcover6

We have found some of the nicest Lotus nose badges being made today.  These are a bit more ornate in texture & feel than the modern OEM badges and have an ‘old world’ craftsmen feeling to them.  A nice touch of nostalgia for our modern Evoras.

They are available in the traditional Yellow-&-Green Lotus design, the Jim Clark tribute black-&-polished, and a naked finish suitable as-is or for your artistic indulgence with enamel paints.

All are 2mm of solid metal and ±57.6mm in diameter.  Check out the pictures and you’ll see the wonderful depth of the castings.  Application is with pre-installed 3M adhesive tape.

We have an FAQ about removing the original badge here.

These will ship directly from us in California.  Delivery to Continental US destinations via USPS Express is free.

Craft Solid Metal Lotus Nose Badge

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HethelSport [BlackLotus] 170908-03_web
HethelSport [NakedLotus] 170908-01_web
HethelSport [BlackLotus] 170908-04_web
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