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Wheel-bolt Adapter Keys

180513 WheelStar Key  webcover2

If you’re at the track or away from home and need a key delivered pronto quick… Quick Shipping.

We now offer two Wheel-bolt Adapter Keys!  And both are shipped directly from HethelSport which means we try to always have these in-stock.

The Orginal Lotus Key is the exact same as the one that should have come with your car.  Like all of our original factory Lotus parts, we get them from an authorized Lotus distributor in the United Kingdom.

Our OEM Extended Key is made by the same manufacturer that makes the original Lotus wheel bolts & our Black Wheel-bolts, so they fit perfectly.  The hex is longer and therefore much less likely to slip off your socket plus the overall length makes it easier to use, giving you more room so no more scraped knuckles when yourtaking them off or putting them on.

Both fit all Federal (US) Evora, Elise, & Exiges.

These will ship directly from us in California & continental U.S. delivery is free!

Wheel-bolt Adapter Key

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• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only;
• Free shipping is for continental US destinations only. Additional shipping charges may be
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