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Wheel-bolt Adapter Key (OEM)

180513 WheelStar Key  webcover2

These are factory Lotus Wheel-bolt Adapter Keys shipped directly from HethelSport.

Fits most Evora, Elise, & Exiges.

If you are in a bind, we can ship via USPS Priority Express to your home, your mechanic, your motel, or maybe even an open business at the race track.  This is typically overnight delivery by 3 PM but destinations vary, and we do not guarantee delivery day or times.  This also requires that we drop it off at the Post Office early in the day so please text us at (925) 402-4991 to confirm our availability.  If you have access to a USPS, UPS, or FedEx account, you can also purchase a Wheel-bolt Adapter with free shipping and email us a shipping label.  We will do our best to send it out pronto—please confirm our availability via text prior to purchasing.

Wheel-bolt Adapter Key

• Prior to ordering, please read About Us for purchasing & shipping terms;
• Where indicated, reservation months are estimates only;
• Free shipping is for continental US destinations only. Additional shipping charges may be
required for other destinations;
• Combined orders do not qualify for reduced shipping.
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HethelSport 180920-02 WhlBltAdptrKey- Lotus _web
HethelSport 180920-01 WhlBltAdptrKey- Lotus _web

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