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Cabin Air Filter (OE)

Cabin Air Filter

for Evora • Evora S cars

Also known as a Pollen Filter, this service item keeps the interior cabin air clean.  The Lotus Maintenance Schedule calls for renewing every 18,000 miles or two years, whichever occurs first, and if your car has a musty or damp smell to it, an overused pollen filter may be contributing.

For 2010-2014 Evora & Evora S cars.

From the Lotus Evora Service Manual:

"The pollen filter, fitted into the front of the HVAC module inlet duct, is also accessible from the access panel via an aperture provided in the top of the air intake duct assembly.

Remove the cover plate to gain access to the filter. It may be necessary to carefully manipulate the filter to withdraw it from the air intake duct assembly."

Ours is from Lotus and is therefore the same quality and fit as the original.

Cabin Air (Pollen) Filter

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