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Rear Toe-links

HethelSport 180918-8026 Evora Toe Link  web

For the  Evora,  Evora S,  and
Evora 400,  410 Sport,  GT410,  GT430

The rear toe-links connect the rear wheel hubs to the chassis.  This suspension rod has an integrated turnbuckle that changes the overall length of the link which allows rear-toe alignment changes.  These links serve three critical purposes: 1) Adjustment,  2) Stability, &  3) Protection.

  1. Toe adjustments–whether front or rear–should be a precise adjustment.  The slightest change can have a dramatic effect on straight line stability, turning response, and tire wear.  Adjustments are made by rotating the center portion which in turn expands or contracts the overall link length pivoting the foremost point of the tires inward (toe-in) or outward (toe-out);
  2. Once the alignment is set, we don’t want the toe changing on the track due to either the load forces of a moving car or soft, flexible link bushings.  Our toe-links are made with custom bearings built to the manufacture's own high specifications and are assembled using aerospace grade Teflon liners resulting in a very precise fitment with minimal slop or play;
  3. In an unfortunate incident involving the rear wheels, the toe-links can be a sacraficial element allowing the suspension system to absorb energy.  With this energy absorption, more expensive critical parts may be saved.   Design expertise dictates both how strong & how weak the toe-links can be to increase performance while sacrificing itself in unfortunate situations.

The center rod of our toe-links is precision machined from 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.  These links include a high-precision, fine pitched thread (unlike the stock course threads) that allows fine and accurate toe changes.  Stainless steel locknuts are provided for long-life and nitrile boots protects the bearings.  The finish is hard anodized on the rods and fittings.  The complete unit is both stiffer and lighter than the OEM links providing about 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of unsprung weight savings.

Installation is a straight-forward remove-&-replace procedure however this is a critical component and as with all critical systems, we recommend the work to be performed & maintained by a certified mechanic.  The installation of this part will also require a rear wheel alignment (although we recommend doing both axles even if only one is needed).

As an authorized dealer, we import these directly from Spitfire Engineering Designs Ltd. in North Yorkshire, England.  At their suggestion, these parts were not intended for U.S. road use and are sold for racing purposes.

Evora Rear Toe Link Kit

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180919 Toe-Link Parts Diagram

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