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HethelSport Performance Shocks

hethelsport-suspensionwerks med hr

Coming 2018.  Tier 1 & Tier 2 Dampers, Suspension components, and more… designed & tested for HethelSport and bespoke for the Lotus Evora.  Affordable and fast.  If you’re considering something else… please wait.  ;)

We are collaboraintg with a best-in-the-business suspension/shock shop and a championship car builder/driver to assemble and tune two high-quality, easy-to-use damper packages that will make the already-wonderful-Evora even better.

We also excited about some accompanying pieces that will allow further chassis tuning.  They are not for everyone but if you have the skills & desire, these will transform the Evora into very tossable track car.  We have been running this package for nearly six months and have been grinning ever since.

(By the way, the picture above is just a placeholder… these are not our parts.)

Update 2: The custom parts for our second set of R&D shocks have been fabricated and are on their way to us.  The shock bodies are partially assembled and waiting for these last parts.  We plan to have them test fitted on an Evora and out on the race track within the next six weeks.

Update 1: Custom parts for the R&D shocks that will serve as the baseline of our first system are delayed. Our suspension partner continues to work with European manufactures to get the parts made  while our pro-driver is ready to dial them in.  These custom parts are only for R&D and will not be used in the production shocks but their delay is definitely causing some development heartache.  We will provide updates as they are avalable.

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