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OEM Bilstein Shock Rebuild

Old Bilsteins - 180814A

Are your dampers worn and tired?  Perhaps congratulations are in order for driving your car hard—that’s what Lotus cars are built for.  :)  Or perhaps they are leaking fluid or the bushings are torn?   

Working with our suspension gurus, HethelSport can have your original dampers rebuilt back to OEM levels of performance.  Our builder is officially authorized and certified by Bilstein and they can repair and rebuild Bilstein dampers back to their factory performance and specifications.  They serve the amateur & professional motorsports community as well as individual performance street cars—they are intimately familiar with Bilsteins as well as Ohlins, Penske, JRZ, Koni, AST/Moton, and ZF-Sachs shocks—all the top damper manufactures in the world.

We prefer to rebuild complete sets but can do matching pairs as well.  We typically do not rebuild single shocks although exceptions can be made.

This service is available for all Bilstein shocks: Evoras, Elise & Exiges (including adjustable track-pack shocks), other Lotus applications, and even non-Lotus applications, whether original (OEM) or aftermarket installed.

Prices start at $900 for a straight-forward rebuild plus return shipping (with options from overnight to ground).  During the race season, turn-around time is typically four weeks but this is also dependant on the existing shock condition and whether parts are required and on-hand.

For more info, please email or call (925) 402-4991.

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