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Anti-Roll Bar Bushings

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For the  Evora,  Evora S,  and
Evora 400,  410 Sport,  GT410,  GT430

Anti-Roll Bars (or Anti-Sway Bars) play an essential ‘role’ 😊 in all performance cars.  Their job is simple: Provide resistance to minimize the vehicle’s body from swaying from side to side without adding significant harshness to the occupants.

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When a car makes a spirited left turn, the right side of the car will want to push down and the left side will want to lift up—this creates a lean (or roll/sway).  To counter this, simplistically, each end of a C-shaped steel anti-roll bar (ARB) is attached to one side of the car so these leans will twist the ARB.  Since the bar is made of steel, the bar will want to resist this twist or torque—and that is how an ARB works to minimze body roll.  But what happens when a car hits a bump where both the left and right go up or down?  In theory, the complete bar will rotate in the same direction and the ARB will provide minimal resistence… this means an ARB (again, in theory  does not add significant harshness to the car's suspension.

The ARB has four points of attachment to the car chassis.  Two static mounts in the middle and two dynamic “drop links" at the opposite ends. (BTW, HethelSport has some really nice prototype drop links being tested now--they should be available in a month and are designed to work with our new damper kits.)

Securing the ARB, the two middle static mounts hold the ARB inside rubber donut-shaped bushing which are contained in a metal bracket bolted to the chassis.  As you can image, the rubber bushings are pliable and appropriate for utilitarian or commuter cars.  Performance cars, on the other hand, can benefit with an upgrade to polyurethane bushings which are less squishy removing the ‘sloppiness’ of a rubber bushing.  By holding the ARB securely, the play or squish is reduced, making the ARB system more efficient.  Our bushings are also much more resistant to degrading over time which can be a problem for deteriorating rubber (although Evoras are new enough that this should not be a problem except in extreme temperatures).

There are a few considerations though: polyurethane bushings may squeak a bit (we do include some great lubricant to minimize/eliminate this).  Also, the denser bushings will transmit more noise and vibrations from our imperfect roads into the chassis and cabin.

Our bushings are from Powerflex in Uxbridge, England and have been specifically developed for the Lotus Evora (a keen eye will spot the bespoke Evora alloy bush housing in the picture above).

Bushings are available for two applications:

  1. PERFORMANCE for street/track driving, and
  2. RACE for competition and road racing.

The difference is simply the density of the bushing.  Rubber bushings typically have a durometer of 50A (a standardized unit of measure for hardness).  Our purple Performance bushings are around 80A and our black Race bushings are about 95A.  We recommend the Performance kit for cars that will see any street use.

All Evora Anti-Roll Bar Bushing Kits include 4 bushings (2 front & 2 rear) and a free tube of AquaShield lube to be used between the bushing and the ARB.  (We’ve been using AquaShield since 2001 and have found it to be the very best lube for this application, we call it camel snot and it’s the stickiest lubricant in our garage.  The most common reason for squeaky bushings is the lube being forced out during repeated twisting movements–that’s why this stuff works so well, it stays in place!)

HethelSport in an authorized dealer for Powerflex, and we can supply any of their products including ARB & control arm bushings and engine mount inserts for Elise & Exiges.

This is a new product from the manufacture and we hope to have an install video and impressions from track testing soon.

These are in-stock and ready for shipping.

Anti-Roll Bar Bushing Kit

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