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B is for Build

Interested in seeing how an Evora is put together?  Then you’ll probably enjoy seeing how one is torn apart and rebuilt too.  The folks at B is for Build, known for their wicked Subaru BRZ, won an auction for a salvaged 2014 Evora and they are documenting the rebuild process.  This is not for the Lotus-faint-at-heart… every exterior panel has been crunched, ripped, or hit, and Chris spares no punches in making fast tear-down decisions while showing us a healthy bit of wit.

We hope you enjoy the latest installment (this does contain some slight adult language):

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You can also support this project by purchasing a B is for Build Evora t-shirt… HethelSport has already ordered one and we are looking forward to getting ours soon.
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Chris has a monumental task ahead of him but HethelSport is confident that he will succeed!  Watch and we’ll find out together.

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