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Interior Centre Mirror

CenterMirror-HS01a -WaterOpt

The original interior centre mirror is too big—in addition to seeing out the back window, you get to see much of the rear window surrounding interior panels.  Our mirror is smallvery small—but large enough for most people to get a complete view out the rear window.  It is also slightly lower than the original mirror so the viewing angle lets you can see the windshield of the car behind you (and not just their bumper).

Unlike the Elise & Exige, removal of the original Evora mirror is very easy: just push it up and back towards the roof, parallel to the windscreen.  Installation is easier.  No modifcations are needed and if you keep your original mirror, everything is fully reversable.

Above: Removing and Installing Mirrors

Handcrafted  and exclusively distributed by HethelSport, the interior centre mirror is supplied as a complete unit ready for installation  Because each mirror is hand-crafted, minor variances betwen mirrors may be visible.

Availability: Sold-out for now.

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CenterMirror-HS01 -WaterOpt
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