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Are the bumpers easy to install?

Yes.  The bumpers are built to a very high standard, significantly higher than most Aftermarket fiberglass bumpers.  Most bumpers will fit without any modifications however some may need minor trimming or slight pressure to conform.  The fiberglass is very strong and will accept pressure quite well.

But also, No.  The bumpers will require many body panels and sub-surface items to be removed or loosened.  It’s a big job to remove the necessary panels and realign everything after fitment—it is best to have experience, a lot of patience, and a solid foundation of mechanical skills plus some electrical knowledge for lights and reinstalling backup sensors.  We recommend a professional custom body shop to perform the installation and painting although a large number of our customers have installed bumpers in their own garage or workshop.

Many of the ‘insurance’ body & collision shops are good with standard accident repairs but most will lack the expereince to handle custom installation work on speciality cars.  We suggest visiting a few car customization body shops and finding a professional with a good reputation and one that you trust.  These custom body shops and 'Tuner' shops seem to handle installs with less hassle simply because they are usually more creative and flexible with unusual projects.

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