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N/A Evora Diffuser Extension

HethelSport 170923-513 WinAce webcover

Lotus short-changed the naturally aspirated (N/A) Evora with a flat bottom rear pan rather than the finned aero rear diffusor found on the Evora S.  And we have a solution to remedy this: The NA/ Evora Rear Diffuser Extension

171025-01 Evora webcrop

Our aero Rear Diffuser Extension is developed as a direct bolt-on to the existing factory diffuser and does not require any modifications to fit.  It adds the aero aesthetic by adding the diffuser fins that typically improves airflow exiting the back.

The Rear Diffuser Extension add-on is made for the none-Supercharged S1 Evora only.  (This does not fit the Evora S or Evora 400.)

Every Diffuser Add-on is individually hand-crafted to match the OEM level of fit and finish, and comes in carbon fiber overlay finish or fiberglass with Win Ace's exclusive 2K matte-black finish ready for painting.

The Naturally Aspirated Evora Diffuser Add-on is created & manufacterd by Win Ace, and is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by HethelSport.

Evora Rear Diffuser Extension

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HethelSport 170923-513 WinAce_web
HethelSport 170923-512 WinAce_web
HethelSport 170923-511 WinAce_web
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