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S2 Alarm Fob Dongle

HethelSport Elise Alarm Fob-02 webcover

Brand new replacement key fob dongles for the factory Elise and Exige Cobra alarm. These dongles have a limited life span--even with care, they will eventually tear apart.  If your alarm fob looks like the ones below, our replacements dongles will fit.

We’re offering these two ways:

  • A pair of dongles, shipped in a standard letter envelope for free, or
  • A pair of dongles +& cases, shipped in a thicker envelope for $3 more.

We’re not thrilled about the giant Cobra logo on the cases (which did not appear on many—or any—fobs that came with the S2’s).  We’ve also found that the fitment for the cases vary from perfect to not-good—that’s why we’re offering them simply for the additional cost of shipping.

Elise & Exige Alarm Fob Dongle

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HethelSport Elise Alarm Fob-02_web
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