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ULTRAdisc Brake Rotors

HethelSport 170516-13 ULTRAdisc webcover

The ULTRAdisc brake rotors are crafted specifically for the Lotus Evora.  Spec’d by InoKinetic, these floating two-piece rotors are manufactured and assembled by Girodisc, the respected name behind high performance multi-piece brake rotors.

Please don’t consider these as ‘just' improved brake rotors—consider the ULTRAdisc as an all-around performance upgrade.  We cannot think of any modification that improves handling, acceleration, braking, and efficiency without adversely compromising reliability, adding stress, or affecting comfort.


The AIM SOLO DL is considered one of the best dashtop logging devices around and while we did our best to maintain consistent variables, our samples should not be considered scientific.  Our test car was 2014 Evora S IPS in Sport mode—by using fully automatic shifting, we believe we were able to apply full & consistent throttle with a consistent shifting pattern.  Tests were conducted on subsequent days at the same hour and nearly identical temperatures. 

HethelSport compared the ULTRAdiscs against factory OEM rotors.  Using a dashmouted AIM SOLO DL, we recorded numerous 0-60 runs.  The best-recorded time with the factory rotors was 4.44 seconds, and the best time with the ULTRAdiscs was 4.22.  So on these particular two consecutive days, the 0-60 MPH time advantage of the ULTRAdiscs was 0.22 seconds or 4.9%.  There aren’t many upgrades that will provide on-track gains at the price of these rotors, and we certainly don’t know of any that can do so without adversly affecting reliability, drivability, fuel efficiency, and component stress.  As good practice we can’t say that your car will see the same improvements we did… but on the other hand, who knows--maybe you’ll see even more?

A full set of ULTRAdisc rotors will be around 13 pounds lighter than the factory cast-iron Lotus one-piece rotors.  While 13 pounds may not seem like much, this added-lightness is within the unsprung weight componentry—in simplistic terms, this means the suspension is lighter which allows for quicker responding movements in the articulating components and better road feel because there is less mass to dampen the communication to the steering wheel and your hands.  While this is a benefit in most cars, all Lotus cars see dramatic benefits simply because they are already so communicative and responsive from the factory.  It is also generally regarded that lower unsprung weight will translate to quicker lap times too.

The missing 13 pounds also affects rotational mass which allows the tire-and-wheel to spool up (or rotationally accelerate) quicker.  The principal is similar to a lightweight aluminum transmission flywheel—the advantage feels like more horsepower but actually has nothing to do with increased power output and everything to do with the quicker release of torque.  And therefore, it is well accepted that lightweight rotors will lower acceleration times especially from a standstill or lower speeds.

Evora ULTRAdisc Brake Rotors

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